Storage Optimization - Our profession

Storing data properly

Storing and providing various kinds of data requires optimized storage techniques – we provide you with different storage solutions, which are tailored to your specific use cases.

Block Storage

Block storage provides local harddisk capacity to your virtual machines. Different levels of quality in different price ranges are available.

These range from local storage based on classic rotating harddisks, SSD based RAID systems to our highest available StorPool storage with maximal scalability of performance and provided capacity.

Object Storage

You are storing millions of images, large files in the range of several hundreds of GB or even in terabyte dimensions. This will be handled by an optimized object storage.

This storage system provides secure and scalable storage capacities via different interfaces like

  • network share
  • S3 API

In combination with our vOBS (virtion Object Storage), this will also allow for optimized delivery of data to your customers, while executing dynamic operations on your data at the same time, like automatic scaling and adjusting of images to different sizes, overlay of images or simply very fast delivery.

File server and distributed file systems

Classic NFS or CIFS file servers, which store your data, complete our offer. The underlying infrastructures store your data over different fire zones in our data centers, ensuring the availability of your data at any time.

By distributing the data over our storage nodes, we ensure the scalability of performance and capacity.

Selection of the suitable system

Together with you, we choose the storage types suitable to your use cases, always with a focus on:

  • scalability
  • data security
  • performance

The security of your valuable data is ensured by appropriate backup and recovery mechanisms.

In combination with our flexible virtualization solutions and our monitoring and reporting services, we provide you with all required building blocks for your IT.

Storing data properly.



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