Virtualization – Our profession

Using hardware intelligently

Server Virtualization

By virtualizing your servers, your IT infrastructure gets more flexible. You can react quickly to load changes, and you only pay for services you really need.

You benefits:

  • Flexibility: Flexible and on-demand changes or the extension of your server landscape in very short time allow for an optimal utilization of resources.
  • Availability: Maintenance of business processes in case of hardware failures by migrating the affected virtual machines to sound infrastructure in no time.
  • Scalability: Requirements regarding the performance of the server farm can quickly be met by just adding resources on demand.
  • Reduced costs: Lower the costs for your server farm by only paying for the performance and capacity you really need.
  • Standardization of management, administration and monitoring.

Learn more about one of our solutions: virtion Object Storage (vOBS)

In combination with our optimized storage solutions and our monitoring and reporting services, we provide you with all required building blocks for your flexible IT.

Benefit from the virtualization opportunities with virtion.



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