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virtion Object Storage vOBS

The virtion Object Storage – vOBS – is a secure storage service which allows you to easily store and retrieve any kind of digital objects or rich media content such as images, videos or Office documents from anywhere via internet.

vOBS’ primary goal is to help you reducing the complexity and lowering the costs related to storing and managing data onsite.

Our flexible and customizable virtual storage solution provides you with a secure on demand easy-to-scale storage, which improves the agility of your business and, at the same time, helps to reduce capital expenditures and operating costs.

Success story

“We are faster, with reduced costs“

The CEO of our customer is pleased: “Together with virtion GmbH, we have developed the optimal storage solution, which we can flexibly adjust to our daily business requirements. We have become faster and were able to reduce costs. By using vOBS, the amount of files could be reduced to 70% of the previous number due to eliminating redundancies, which resulted in an optimization of storage space by approx. 40%. With the central image delivery, we are perfectly positioned for future enhancements and our customers’ needs. At virtion, our data is in safe hands. We have found a reliable partner, and we can always count on virtion’s all-round service.

Initial situation

Our customer (who is active in the “automotive” sector) offers solutions for online management and marketing of cars to his clients. Each solution is tailored to the individual CI requirements; for example, the same images have to be presented using the corresponding CI guidelines of each car manufacturer or dealer. The resulting large amounts of redundant image files are causing very high storage requirements, which makes it difficult to provide fast data delivery and search the stored image data efficiently.


To implement the solution, there were requirements and challenges:

  • Delivering images for the various web applications should be accelerated.
  • The utilized storage capacity should be optimized.
  • The existing image files were available at different sources.
  • The daily business had to be continued without interruption.

Idea and solution

In collaboration with the customer, virtion GmbH developed the optimal infrastructure based on vOBS (virtion Object Storage), making it possible to replace the redundant and distributed data storage. The previous conventional approach of managing the data led to a massive overhead both in creating and storing the image data. This resulted in a tremendous amount of required storage ressources. With a growing amount of data, import times would have reached inacceptable dimensions. By reorganizing the storage infrastructure, storage space utilization could be optimized.

In addition, a central image delivery for all affiliated distributed web sites could be accomplished. Each image object exists exactly once now, and will be automatically prepared conforming to the respective CI requirements before delivery.

Following a migration plan prepared together with the customer, all existing image files were successfully migrated to the vOBS infrastructure, without any interruption of the customer’s daily business.

Use the opportunities of virtualization with virtion.



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